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 Please read rules before registering/posting

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PostSubject: Please read rules before registering/posting   Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:11 pm

LadyYates wrote:
I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the standard rules of a forum, but I'm just gonna lay down the law here so that I know we're all on the same page

NO flaming - don't mock the other forum members... unless it's funny, LOL - but seriously, keep all your comments above the belt and don't be derogatory. I can and will block you from participating in the forums if you act like a jerk.

NO SPAMMING - If you spam the forum, there will be NO warning before your IP addy is banned and your account deleted. I have no tolerance for this.

NO swearing - refrain from being a pottymouth, pls&thx. I don't like it - it creates a negative atmosphere and shows what a limited vocabulary you have. Try something like "freakin' fuzznuts!" - it'll make you laugh, me laugh, and no one will be offended.

NOTE: This means your avatars and sigs too, please.
-- Also, please keep banners in your signatures to a max of 150x500 (ie your signature shouldn't be taking up more space than your posts)

PLEASE keep your posts in the appropriate topic - Don't rant about how much you loathe George Lucas in the "current page" thread, put it in the general discussion area, where it belongs. I probably won't delete your comment if you put it in the wrong section, but I WILL sass you.

Also, please STAY ON TOPIC in the threads. Feel free to make a new one if a comment made in a thread inspires you go off on a tangent.

NAME a new topic appropriately - DON'T call a new topic "hey I have a question" or "you know who I like?". DO name it as the question or the name of whoever it is you like. It's very pesky and uniformative to have to guess what each topic is about when browsing the forum

REMEMBER this is an ALL AGES forum - DO NOT discuss "mature" or inappropriate topics in this forum. If you think this is an unreasonable request then you may feel free to go elsewhere. Inappropriate posts will be swiftly dealt with (though in a kindly manner). I understand that my definition of "inappropriate" may not be the same as yours, but if you browse around the topics, I'm sure you'll get a feel for what my definition is.

Brief synopsis of my definition of inappropriate:
- drinking - drugs - smoking - abortion - sex - racist comments - etc

Obey the Mods! - I choose my mods because I feel that they handle people and situations in a manner closest to my own. Please listen to them if they ask you do something - they're speaking on my behalf. If, however, you feel that you have been mistreated by a mod, please feel free to contact me via PM and I will mediate the situation.

And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, to all my faithful longtime members...

BE NICE TO THE NOOBS - Nothing drives someone away from a forum faster than having your first post jumped on by a senior member(s) of the community. People will make "mistakes" when they just join the forum so try to be understanding.
~ Posting questions that already have threads/answers: Just politely point them in the right direction. A mod will be along shortly to lock and/or delete the extraneous thread. I think we're pretty good on this one, so I won't go on about it.
~ Thread Necromancy: I know it annoys a lot of people, but let it go. If a new member revives an old thread that you feel should be dead, buried and left that way, just don't reply to it. It's no different than any other thread. There's no need to point out that "Thread Necromancy is frowned upon" cause it shouldn't be if they feel they have something to add to it.

I think that's all for now, the forum rules will be amended as issues arise, I'm sure. See you on the forum!

These rules are LadyYates and taken from the now up forums of Earthsong
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Please read rules before registering/posting
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